Monday, October 27, 2008

For Cynthia!

This is so I don't get in trouble for not posting an update!
This is Atty's newest habbit, sucking his bottom lip. Its so cute!

Grandma bought this outfit, and he does look cute.

"I'm just hanging out on the porch, blowin bubbles..."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Atty is just too cute.

Ryan got a little tired, so we let Atty drive, as you can see he is a very careful driver, hands on 10-2 and looking out for traffic! :)
Move over daddy I am ready to drive now! (Its in the blood!)
Atticus as a cute (and surprised?) puppy!
My two "dogs" (its hard to get them both still!)

Well it has been a little while! Atticus and i were in Wenatchee last week to visit his other set of grandparents! We had a great time, although "Nana" Claimed that "it went by too fast!" We will be up again around new years. But everyone got to come home, and it was great to celebreate my dad's bday (won't mention age...) with everyone. I still have to find a few of the cute pictures we took while up there, but here are some that we took in the car and then a outfit I had for Atticus that I wanted him to try on.