Monday, October 17, 2016

Diana’s quick guide to fighting germs! 
Being sick stinks right? We all want to avoid it, and want easy ways to fight germs when they do attack us. God gave us an amazing body, and some things that we can take that naturally work with our body to help us!
5 years ago we moved 2000 miles for my husband to start school. We moved in to a wonderful family on campus apartments. Which meant we now had lots of new friends AND new germs. My kids were 1 and 3 at the time, and we were sick pretty much September to June. Each year our immune systems have gotten better, but it is rough! But I have learned many natural remedies to help! Now, I am NOT a doctor and these are just recommendations based on our family’s experience and I hope they can help yours!
 (my only affiliated link is the plexus ones!)
My number one favorite new thing? Colloidal Silver! This thing kills germs! We use it mostly as a few drops in the nose to clear it up. It helps my daughter not to cough all night long after colds like she used to!  Click on the picture to see where you can buy it on amazon!
 It has many other uses, including just taking it when you are feeling down.  If my ears are bothering me from a cold or allergies, a couple drops in each one really helps! This stuff is awesome! Here is a website with more ideas! 

Do you know they have shown in studies that Probiotics can help your immune system!? Here is one page you can look at out of many that explain how they are helpful. There are many probiotics out there, and many are good and help with gut health. But my favorite probiotic (And I have tried a lot of probiotics!!) is from Plexus! They have 5 different important strands of bacteria, plus enzymes that help break down food! And vitamin c and grape seed extract that work naturally with your body to help it use the probiotics and enzymes better!! For immune system improvement, you will have to take it for a few weeks for it to really help. But it makes my stomach and bowl issues feel better right away!  Try it!

I also love essential oils! For me, I love a blend of lavender, lemon and peppermint that I dilute in a roller bottle and then role on my neck and behind ears when feeling low. My favorite place to get them? These are really high quality but cheaper then then MLM options. You will never have smelled a peppermint like theirs! Inhaling/diffusing is the most effective way to use EOs!

I also like They are cheaper but still good. I LOVE their kid safe blends! The sniffle stopper works great if you have it diffuse for just and hour or so right above your sleeping child. Remember, essential oils are powerful, so less is more! I also LOVE their “calm the child” which happens to work well for me too! J