Friday, June 3, 2011

Looking for a new family!





Christmas 074

Hi! My name is Xerxes. I am a 4 year old 55 pound black lab/ Border Collie mix and have been with this family since I was 6 weeks old! They are moving and are sad that they can not take me with them. I am looking for a family that I can play with! I love to go on walks, play fetch, run at the beach and will lay at your feet while you work. I love people! I am used to being around a 3 year old and a 1 year old child and I am great with kids. Of course I have my shots up to date and am neutered. I know how to sit, lie down and shake hands. I do struggle with trying to resist digging in fresh dirt, and will get very excited when new people come to visit me. I make new friends very easily! I never run away from home, I want to be with my people. I can’t wait to come home with you!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Even More Ariel pictures!

kids 011 Okay So atty is in these too.. but he is busy watching papa mow the yard! Ariel really wanted to be up there with him too tho! :)

kids 010

kids 012

kids 015 kids 022 kids 021 kids 020 kids 017 kids 016

Its all about Ariel.. and her new furry friends!

I just love all this pictures! Each of Ariel’s expressions are priceless (to mom anyway!)

birthday 004

birthday 005

birthday 006

birthday 007 birthday 008

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ariel and her food!

It took Ariel a while before she decided that she wanted to eat solids.

These pics are from about a month ago, right when she changed her mind about food. Although I think playing with it is still more attractive here!

sarahtrips 014

She really wants that food!


sarahtrips 015

She got it! She still doesn't crawl really, but she can reach a lot from that sitting position!

sarahtrips 011


Squishy Squishy!

sarahtrips 007

She did really like mommas fruit smoothie! :D

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My little sweetie

She is too cute. Really. You are warned. :)

sarahtrips 022 sarahtrips 002   

sarahtrips 024

And yes Atty is in the background of must of the pictures. It is just so had to get one of him still! lol

This is a rare shot of her standing! She loves Elmo just like her big brother!

sarahtrips 019

Valentines Day..

I know, I am slacking! But here are a couple pictures I took on V-Day last month!


This is Atty, mommas little helper for sure! Mixing up some brownies!

sarahtrips 031

And here are the brownies after i used a cookie cuter. As atty said, “Its a heart!”  

sarahtrips 033

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ariel and the sippy cup

“Humm Atty really likes this thing..”

2011 001 

“How does this work?”


2011 005

“Putting things in my mouth is always a good idea…”

2011 002

“nice plastic-y taste…”

2011 004 

“Hummm starting to taste a bit like milk!”

2011 006 

“Now THATS the stuff!” :)

2011 003

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pictures of beautiful children!

So I noticed that I did TWICE as many pictures in 2009 then in 2010. But since I was preggo and then had a baby last year I think I can give myself a break. But this year i have NO such plans so will try to do better! :)

This is probably what you would see if you walked into our house, atty eating, Ariel playing nicely with a toy. Of course Atticus actually being still is rare. Missing pants is not so rare! :)

newyear 030

“humm that looks like paper. I love paper!”

newyear 034

I guess Ariel wasn't too excited about taking this picture…

newyear 038

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The babies in 2011!

Here they are! And wow i have a picture of Atticus SITTING and LOOKING at the camera!

 newyear 005

No, they do not come cuter then this

newyear 007

“what is my brother doing? He is totally ruining my picture!”

newyear 010

I love standing!

newyear 015

My busy little babies! :)

newyear 018

Tara and Ryan cooking

Yes yes I know. I haven't posted in forever. Shame shame. Well i will try to make up for it! But I am not starting with pics of the babies… but of a different brother and sister playing together!


Tara was into for Christmas, and came over to cook dinner with us. I snapped a few pics of her helping Ryan make his banana foster bread pudding (wicked rich but good, lol)

newyear 020

Yes they do have a fairly small workspace.

No, i do not know what Tara was trying to tell Ryan.


newyear 021

They are so excited to try the yummy banana goodness!


newyear 022

That man has skillz! :D

newyear 023