Friday, March 4, 2011

Ariel and her food!

It took Ariel a while before she decided that she wanted to eat solids.

These pics are from about a month ago, right when she changed her mind about food. Although I think playing with it is still more attractive here!

sarahtrips 014

She really wants that food!


sarahtrips 015

She got it! She still doesn't crawl really, but she can reach a lot from that sitting position!

sarahtrips 011


Squishy Squishy!

sarahtrips 007

She did really like mommas fruit smoothie! :D

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My little sweetie

She is too cute. Really. You are warned. :)

sarahtrips 022 sarahtrips 002   

sarahtrips 024

And yes Atty is in the background of must of the pictures. It is just so had to get one of him still! lol

This is a rare shot of her standing! She loves Elmo just like her big brother!

sarahtrips 019

Valentines Day..

I know, I am slacking! But here are a couple pictures I took on V-Day last month!


This is Atty, mommas little helper for sure! Mixing up some brownies!

sarahtrips 031

And here are the brownies after i used a cookie cuter. As atty said, “Its a heart!”  

sarahtrips 033