Friday, March 19, 2010

Atticus and "his" new chair...

I pulled out this chair for the deck... and atticus soon made it his own! :)
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Some fun atty pictures!

So we had a "dryer" incident... making a loud noise.. called the dryer Dr.. turns out Attys sock was caught in it somehow! Here is a pic of atty watching the fix it guy! 
We were at a hotel some last week, here are some pictures of Atticus getting ready to go swim in the pool! Sadly my camera died before i could take any pics of him in the water... although grandpa's camera has them!

Atticus got real good in the elevator!
Ryan might kill me... but this is a good pic of attys little vest! :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Family Visit!

A couple weekends ago we went to Atty's Great Grandmothers 70th birthday party!
Here are some pics from there!
Isnt that a cute couch? His great aunt ruth is a great grandma and used to having grandkids over!
Atticus and his cousins playing with the cars! :)
Apparently atty must have a cool car here since they are looking at him?
I think this is soo cute, Grandpa showing atty a baby girl!! :)
Atty here says "eyes?"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy 17th!

Here are some pictures of Atty in Green (not taken today but still appropriate!) :) enjoy and have a wonderful day!

He was posing for the camera, and i have no idea how we got this picture since all i saw was smiles!
Heres a better one! :D
I think it is so cute, he knew what he was doing here! :)

And yes... his hair seems to be a light strawberry blond color.. seems a lot like his Uncle Glen (whom he got his middle name from!!)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some random pics!

Hey everyone! Sorry i have been not so good with the blog! Things are going well here, Atticus is running around, and I am slowing down! 2 more months until baby number 2!
Here is a pic showing how we are raising Atty right! (thats a bible, if you cant tell lol)
Here is atty with his ducky, he climbed up here when daddy was watching a movie.. and i thought it was cute..!

Here is Ryan with Bambi, our aunt sandy's newest and smallll dog! He was rather afraid to even hold her.. :) Isn't she cute?!


Here I am at 7 months pregnant!


And me with little dog... she feels like nothing in your hands!
Oh she broke her leg, thats why the cast, but she is doing great!