Thursday, March 26, 2009

Game Park part c

And Yet more pics of the game park. (but no more Lamas! ) Me talking to Julie

The baby black panther ( AKA Midnight! *tear* and for those who don't know, midnight was our old cat who I used to try to capture with a blanket and pretend he was a wild panther. Yes I have grown up so much now. )

Atticus not to sure about that cat...

The second Cat, forgot what it was, (help sarah?) I know it was not one of the big cats. But it sure was soft.

Atticus petting it! (and me making sure he did not pull! :) Atty likes animals!

Game park Part b

More pics! (and more Lamas!) Why doth he close his eyes sarah? does he just feel content being with you?I was trying to be sneaky and get the rear end of this creature in the pic with Sarah. I think she caught on... :)
More pic and interesting comments to come soon! But i see blogger has a "scheduled outage" coming up... so it might be a bit. :)

Sarah and the animals

Sarah blessed us with her presence last week! It was really nice to have her down here. She also did help with some cleaning and cooking! (check out her facebook pic for proof!) We then went to the walk-through safari animal park a bit below Bandon! So of course Sarah took some pics:Save your Drama for the Lama! Atticus checking out the peacocks that wondered around the park..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I was SO excited when I found a Mickey and Minnie shirt at the mall on Saturday! And on sale for only $5 (at wet seal, a store i have never been in before) I was so happy! So I got Ryan to snap a pic of me, I have it against the white wall on the bed, because it is one of the only clean spots in our house!

And Here is my Disney binder! I love it! I am NOT a very organized person in general. Or at all. But I am so excited, it gives me something to do that gets me a little closer to Disney World!

Our basic trip plan, as on right now:

So I might be a little over the top.... But its not every day you get to prepare for a trip to disney world! lol.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A weekend with no Ryan

So we went to Eugene! With the Grandparents! We were all so impressed with Atticus. He took a nap on the way there, and as long as we kept moving he was really pretty good! Yeah! :) That bidded well for Atty in Disney World in two months!
Here are some pics with Atty in his stroller:
Grandpa would push him for hours, lol. He is really a happy baby, he likes to be moving! And he would do that face for anyone who would say hi to him! Its pretty funny.

And here is Atty learning to drink water from a straw! lol

Not sure why he isnt happy here, he has a spoon in one hand and a cracker in the other!

There's my happy baby! Isnt his little sweater jacket the cutest? Goes well with those cute eyes. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Disney World on the brain...

So Yes, I can't stop thinking about our Disney World trip! It is what gets me through these many RAINY days. (Okay that and my chocolate stash) And yes the rumors are true, i do have a binder dedicated to my Disney trip, and it is beautiful. lol. Maybe i will get some pics up of that soon. But Since I was thinking about Disney stuff, i thought I would post some pics from our Disneyland trip, about 2 years ago.Its a small world... yet such a big building! :)

Ryan looking so awake and so needing a hair cut! lol

Us needing to look a little more into it at the Tower of Terror! NOTE to self, looking more interesting in photos! This just brought back memories of TV after school about 8 years of age... :)

On a side note, this weekend and will be Mommy and Atty time, as Ryan heads off for the Men's retreat with our church. I am sure we will do something wicked fun. :)