Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Legend

My wife told me something that made me chuckle today, but to get the full story I need to go back about 2 years ago.....

One day, when I was taking my kids to AWANA my son, age 4, fell asleep in the car. When we got to the parking garage he woke up confused, asking, 
"How did we get here?"
 Due to the obviousness of the situation, I did whatever any good parent would, I made up a story. "Robots of course."
 "How daddy," he replied.
 "They picked us up, in an aircraft and dropped us off here."

I made an elegant story as his curiosity grew and left it at that.

A few days later he started asking about the robots again and my wife made me recant.
However a child's desire to believe the impossible is greater than what their parents are telling them.

Flash forward 2 years or last week.

"Mom, I told my friends about the robots that moved our car."

"Atticus, you know the robots were not real, right?"

"Oooooooh" Like it was dawning on him for the first time.

-The next day

"Mom I told my friends that the robots were not real"

"And what did they say?"

"They didn't believe me"

And so the legend the Parking Robots continues........

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We're Still Here

Just an update, hopefully we can start writing more frequently and get more posts by the better blogger. I am still going to DTS and working for a small package delivery company. My son is in the first grade and gets up at around 5am everyday.  My wife now works at our church for the mothers day out program. My daughter also goes to that mothers day out program. The Cowboys beat the Seahawks. I'm probably more of a Cowboys fan than a Seahawks fan now.

On a possibly annoying side note, I love the marketing of sports. The Seahawks are "the champions of the world" and the Cowboys are "America's Team."  It was America verses the World. Whose side are you on? Well, at least the championship game is called the "Super Bowl" and not something like the "World Championship Game," ........ "world series" 

"The world series" Where national teams from around the world compete to decide a champion, wait, that's the FIFA World Cup.

"The World Series" Where club teams/franchises from around the world compete to decide a champion, wait, that's the FIFA Club World Cup.

"The World Series" Where teams from North America compete against one another for the right to be the best in the world ...whatever sells.  

Sorry, I feel like i'm doing this...

I'll end on a better note, this song was stuck in our heads today...