Saturday, February 14, 2009

Atty and his Balloon

He really likes his balloon...
Happy Valentines day!

A bit of our time in Brookings.

Here we are eating at a nice little resturant... Atty was his typical loud self."Why is daddy not letting me play with my toy?"
Atticus in front of a historical boat by the beach.

Not so happy Atticus..

This is how I know Atticus needs a nap...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

More life with Atticus

NOTE: I am struggling with the format blogger is doing to my pics.. but you get the idea! :)

Atty and Xerxes playing around.

"Hi mom. Of course no one this cute could be getting into trouble!"
"Oooh what is this?"
"No mom, it wasn't me, I would never get into any of your stuff!"

A day in the Life of Atty..

Here are a few pics to show you a bit what it is like to follow Atticus, baby/beaver/dog. (that joke is for you mom!)

(This is his "what do you want look?")

Ha, he looks like such a goof here, I love it! He has so many emotions on his face!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Atticus moving all around!

This is for those of you who have not seen how Mobile Atty is now! He is loving it! (and mom is staying busy! :) )
(ps Ryan is on a work "call" so that is the talking in the background.)
NOTE: apparently Xerxes also makes for a good soft back rest! lol.

A bit of Sun on The Coast.

Sorry I have been slow on new posts. I tried to upload a video of Atty eating the other day, but it didnt work out to well. But here are some pictures!

This is us taking advantage of some sun! And Atticus going for Xerxes bone... Im glad they are sharing but not a nasty bone!

Attuicus looking charming.

This is my favorite picture of Ryan. Ever.
(He loved the 3d glasses provided for the commercials for the superbowl and Chuck.)