Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Epcot ...

Atticus in Ryan's arm waiting for the nemo ride... he did like it! :D
Walking after the ride... Atty looks pretty happy to be walking! Ryan was nice and slow as always... prefect atty pace. Although now, many months later, dad is to slow! :D"Oh no grandma, momma saw you give me this yummy strawberry treat! " :D

I loved the little performances and street shows that Disney does. You never know what you will run in to! This is the "cleaning crew" doing some drumming!


Here are the men working! hehe and you can only see Atticus's feet! The flowers around Epcot are beautiful and artful... it was really cool.
Oops sorry this one is sideways! Ryan and Atty near flower bell! :)
We like taking random pictures of just atty and the stroller. :) I am sure he is enjoying his nap.


Yes, it was like what 3 or 4 months ago, but i figured why not. I'll see how many I can get posted in the next few days.
Atticus in the water (the resort pool kiddie pool)! he was still a little small, but he loved splashing around and Ryan also got a kick out of watching him!
The sunset across the lake at the resort. Pretty.Here are some ride pics from animal kingdom! This is one of my favs, I am hiding because i knew the dino was coming (apparently the other girls decided to do that too!), Ryan is pretty freaked out, and then that group out front is pointing to the "sleeping" man in front. hehe.

This one ryan looks pretty bored, guess he and the Yeti get along just fine. :D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MAINE 2009!

We are back from Maine! It was a great trip! We had lots of pictures.. and because I am lazy I have them all up on facebook. Here is the link:

You can go here even if you DO NOT have facebook. Let me know if you have problems seeing them.
And yes Sandy, i put up pictures of the campground just for you! :)