Monday, April 27, 2009


Here are some pic's from up here in wenatchee!

This is him playing right before bedtime! (watch out little people, the monster baby will eat you!)
Atticus wanting to go on the computer with Robbie:
Atticus studying the music so he can play along with Robbie:

Atticus and Robbies performance. Beautiful.

After spending 5 or so hours next to Robbie on the car ride up, i think Atticus is pretty attached!! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sad times in a Happy Baby's life...

Yes, it is rather sad looking. But no it is not makeup, it is the result of Atticus wrestling to get down, and thinking head first was the way to go. And then that table got in his way. Poor babe.

And here is Atticus not very happy. I think he did not get his way, and was making sure I knew!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easters! 2

Here are some photo's from easter! His cute outfit is missing pants from some of these pics.. they were a bit to big :)

Testing out his basket..

Eating an egg...(and standing!)

His Ducky!!! (this is what he sleeps with!)

Aunt Tara thinks I am funny!

I just had to post this one.. I found it interesting..
And here it is in Black and White just for kicks...


Some pictures taken at Sandy's house before easter!

He really liked that basket! Almost as much as the eggs! :)

Parents + Aunt Cindy Visit

These are from a week and a half ago. I know, I know, I am slow in posting.

Cindy at the ocean (first time at pacific coast!)
Atticus at shore acers!Dad at the ocean..
Dad with Atty! (and the computer...) (notice the stemilt shirt! :) )

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My birthday!

Yeah for 25!
These are some pics from my birthday with ryan's family!
At Dave's pizza:

So cute! But I am still working on being the favorite niece(in -law)!
That is the YUMMY cake! They know how much I love fruit! (and it is white cake, most of the family here loves chocolate, so this is the one party where we get white!)

Gail and Robert!
Me and Ryan
The presents! including my awesome Mickey Mouse bag from Gail!
Oops! I almost forgot a picture of Atty! Can't do that! :)
He loves that pink flamingo!

Babe + dad=music

So I just had to post these super cute pics of ryan and Atty with the guitar and piano. They are so sweet! I know some of you like pics in color, (mom!) but trust me, these look so good in ol' black and white. This is my fav. Isnt it just so cute?
Atty loves the piano over at grandma's and grandpa Rouse's house!