Thursday, May 28, 2009

Animcal Kingdom!

A yeti sighting below, which can only mean one thing.. We are at Animal Kingdom! We only spent one morning here, so if we ever get back to the world we will have some more exploring to do!Now, we went on the Safari ride, which was Ryans favorite by far. It was pretty neat. i got lots of pictures of animals... but noticed now that must of them are showing there, uh well rear end to the camera! And since i find a lot of animal pictures a little boring, here are just a sample!
Flamingos! (for grandpa!)Here is our friend actually looking at us!"The king of the Forrest"! (apparently getting some beauty sleep)!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Disney World!

Okay there is no Atticus in this post, so skip it if that is all you are looking for~ :D
This here is me and ryan. I thought we were just taking a nice happy picture. Ryan likes to do this to me, and I have no idea he has done it until i look at the picture! Or maybe he saw mickey?
Yeah watch out Justin Timberlake

The only picture with Peter Pan I got. I got in line once to get my picture with him, but they closed it down right in front of me! :(Ryan is scared. I am having a very good time. (this was my fav ride, rocking roller coaster!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthday pictures #3!

Okay, this is the end, i promise! :) Here is Atty stuffing his face! :) He didnt' really get much inside him.Some nice pics Kelly took. THANK YOU!Yes grandpa feed him ice cream. It was his birthday, i let it go. :)

More birthday cake pictures1

I might be a little overboard with these, but they funny! And by the way, this was a little cake made just for atty, there was a very pretty bigger one too!I guided his hand... for some reason he hadn't thought of tasting it yet!""Is it all gone?"

Atticus is a year old!

Wow. I can't believe a whole year has gone by! What a wonderful blessing Atty is. And thank goodness he pretty much sleeps the night through instead of getting me up every two hours! :D
Here are some very entertaining birthday cake pictures!

We put it down on the floor for him to really have fun with it. Here I am trying to get it down to the floor..
"What is this?""I am not so sure i want this on my fingers!"
I'll do another post with more pictures, there are just so many good ones! :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Atticus Meets Sand.

So Atticus loved the sand there. It was really fine and smooth, not like the stuff he has seen here on the coast.
I esp love this one with the sand falling through his fingers!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here is where we ate lunch! Ryan and the Grandparents Loved it, just like I thought they would! Grandpa had like 5 ears of corn! lol!
Atticus was a bit tired... But he liked the tinkerbell that came with grandma's drink!Here is the skillet of food! When it got low the server would come refill it! There was also coleslaw and cornbread and extra bbq sauce, which really made the ribs goood!

More Day 1!

This was a VERY hot day. Maybe our hottest? So i get a yummy looking cold Popsicle and let atty get a lick. Not very often I offer him anything with sugar, but it was hot out! Well, if you notice here, the smart little guy broke the top off and took it for himself! We were very messy after this, but Atticus sure enjoyed it! haha.Here is Atty and grandma getting a ride! (front of the line!)Here is Atticus apparently pretty happy in his nice seat! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 1 continued..

This is a pic of stroller parking! Actually a small bunch, often there was 5 times that amount! There were many young families!! I took a lot of pics of the park this day! Here is the star tours

And the New American idol... i kept trying to get ryan to go in! Grandpa thought about singing "bird is the word." He would of won. :)

This is me and Atty on the "great movie ride" our first Disney world ride!!!

This was my fav ride!!! in the dark upside down roller coaster! Sadly it is very short, maybe a min?
Here is one AWESOME ryan face in the pic! (no that is not me next to him, we were in the single line to go faster) He had some great faces on the rides that we caught, but the fact that his hair is standing straight up makes this a winner!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 1!

So the first day we went to Disney's Hollywood studios!

But first here are some views of the resort that we stayed on, Caribbean beach resort. And here is a pic of the map of our resort. It was HUGE!Grandma and granpa at the bus stop talking to atty!First thing we did was buy Atty this hat... we lost in with in an hour because he didnt like it on
! We bought another to keep as a keepsake. Ryan later bought a mickey mouse ear hat that he keep trying to get Atticus to wear. I don't think we have any happy pictures that involve hats! lol.
Right when we came in they were handing out flowers to mothers! Yeah my first mother day flowers!

Monday, May 18, 2009

We are back! It was a wonderful "magical" trip! Ihave around 500 pics to go through! But here are some of our trip there!

Atticus playing in the eugene airport on the way there! That was a cute little thing! Our plane left at 6:45. And we had a small scare... we had left atty's Ducky at the hotel! (as many of you know, this is his fav little stuffed animal that helps him sleep.) But we called the hotel and they came and drove it to us just in time! That would of been awful to have ot be without it!!!

Here is ryan waiting for the plane... No other comments needed i think!
Atticus and grandpa talking!
Here is little atty eating snacks at my feat on the plane! We had one flight from eugene to seattle for about an hr, and then a 4.5 hr from seattle to Orlando! Atty did pretty good, even slept and hr or so on grandpa's and then later my lap!
Here is Atty and I in very warm Flordia on the magical express on the way to our hotel!!! (notice he has his ducky!)Me trying to catch a pic of both of them... Atty isn't still very often! lol I like this picture of the hand! :)WALT DISNEY WOLRD!!! YIPPPEEE!