Thursday, July 7, 2016

Autism Awareness Post #1

I am going to put some posts from facebook on here, so they can be shared and hopefully encourage others. It is also a way for me to find them easily. :) April is autism awareness month. And since it is the last week in April I thought I would post some about what Autism means to our family. Atticus was diagnosed with High Function Autism, or ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder last fall. They no longer call it Asperger’s, but that would be another name too. This was an emotional time for our family, but a good time. It was not like he had just come down with a scary disease that we were finding out about. No, this diagnoses was all about getting answers. Now we knew why Atticus did some of the things he did. Why he felt like such a hard child. His brain was programmed different then the average person. We could now read books about what other people have gone through. We could learn about him! We could help him! BUT we could never really change who he is. It was hard for me when it sunk it that this would be something he would struggle through all his life, not a phase he would grow out of some day. But It was the best thing to happen for our family, although I would not have thought that even a year before. I will post more about our journey in the following days. But for now, here is a picture of our sweet, wonderful and never boring Atticus. :D

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